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Zingara Danielle

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Jun 10 (Gemini)
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Hello Im Zingara , hmmm where to begin hehe im not good at introductions . Well I suppose a basic run down would due First and foremost I am a mother to two youngh wonderful children . A daughter and A sister to a wonderful and supportive family. As for the inner me I started having spiritual and paranormal things happening to me since i was child around age 12 i started knowing things i shouldnt have known and seeing and hearing spirits I grew up hiding this until i was a teenager and thanks to my spiritual mom I learned to embrace and love all that I am and also learned how to help others with what I do ......I mostly tune in now by providing others with Tarot readings and any insight i can provide ......Im not sure what it is called but most things come to me while i meditate or in dream state.....I still have so mch to learn and cant wait to learn all I can when the time is right for me to do so... I came to this board for a place I can release and be me and enjoy similar company so to speak I look forward to meeting all of you
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Reading, wrighting poetry, playing with my kids
I love knowledge and always learning something new so I guess the question should be what am I not interested in? hehe
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oh I love all music from classical, alternative, rock, metal, gothic, country, pop, hip hop you name it I love it
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hmmm well I love to watch history channel , fav tv show Witchs of East End
Favorite Movies:
labrynth Princess Bride
Favorite Books:
I love all books I love too read I recently finished the whole set of House of Night Novels which was super fantastic now im reading a book called Dark Wolf and I have many more to read like Norah Roberts, Lewis, P.C.Cast and more
Favorite Quotes:
Never take life for granted for it is the game of the gods and we should be honored to play no matter the cards at hand
mother at me

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